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Kesha Jackson, The Bullying Coach - Let's Stop Bullying in Pittsburgh

​Born in the urban Bronx borough of New York City, Kesha Jackson was bullied and teased as a child by her peers because of her lack of popular clothing; the Muslim artifacts that her parents made her wear to school; having to explain to others why she did not celebrate holidays after Christmas break; the mispronunciation of her

name as well as her early body development during puberty. I remember my Aunt Kesha as always being kindhearted to others.  |Read More|


who we are

One fall morning in 2013, while I was traveling through the streets of Pittsburgh I watched from afar as a group of well-dressed children on their way to school made fun of a less fortunate child who was poorly dressed.  I could see the distress of ridicule all over the child's face and my heart melted as every memory of my childhood bullying resurfaced in my mind. In that moment All Eyez on Me, LLC was born.  I knew in my heart that as a direct result of the bullying that I endured as a child, I would be the light needed to provide services to children and others that concentrates on the emotional needs of the child and not just the act of bullying.  |Read More|

who we serve

As the owner of All Eyez on Me, LLC, I am delighted to use my educational background to help others  who have a desire to help their children ages 5 - 12 to become emotionally prepared to enter society with a high sense of self.  Here is my question to you as parents, educators and other guardians. What is the value of spending thousands of dollars to entertain your child electronically versus spending a few dollars to prepare for their emotional well- being and development?  Whether you choose to use my services via online chat, Skype, email or in person, I believe that this is the greatest gift you could give to your child. If the answer is YES to increasing the emotional well-being of your child, contact me today.


My personal Motto: Erase Bullying, Not Me!

Let's Stop Bullying in Pittsburgh!

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