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Big Bowl of Self Esteem

A bowl full of self -esteem and a hot cup of life coaching equals an EMOTIONALLY well balanced child. This counseling/coaching program is designed to instill confidencein your child so that they can have a positive sense of self. Every parent

30 minute weekly session age 5-8  (Buy me)

60 minute weekly session age 9-12  (Buy me)

wants a child who can enjoy and no longer fear school and other social outlets because of bullying. "The bullying coach" will work one on one with your children with a promise to deliver to you: a child with BETTER GRADES; INCREASED SCHOOL AND SOCIAL ACTIVITY ATTENDANCE, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY THAT HAPPY GO LUCKY AND JOYFUL CHILD THAT YOU ONCE KNEW !

Emotional Self Defense

The Emotional Self Defense Counseling/Coaching Program is designed mostly for children who are having difficulty with handling their emotions and who have a desire to increase their inner emotional intelligence. The

Emotional Self-Defense

30 minute weekly session age 5-8 (Buy me)


60 minute weekly session age 9-12 (Buy me)

program is designed to assist with the development of self -reflection and how to respond to negative situations with a more positive and non- physical response.

4P's Approach - Counseling/Lifecoaching

My 4 P's approach will help YOU to STAY FOCUSED on the SPIRIT person that resides within YOU and not the circumstances of BULLYING.

  • Planning Prayerfully – THANKFULLY identifying your goals while strategizing how to get there.


  • Preparing Purposefully  –THANKFULLY recognizing obstacles and finding solutions to overcome them.


  • Proceeding Positively  – FAITHFULLY finding reasons/ ways to believe in yourself and why you will SUCCEED.


  • Pursuing Persistently – THANKFULLY REACHING THE GOAL and celebrating YOU along the way.

60 minute weekly session age (13-17) (Buy me)


60 minute weekly session Adults (Buy me)

All About Me - Home or School Based Program
It is Possible

Often times children feel like they are misunderstood and bulled by their parents, teachers or other authority figures. Likewise, sometimes parents feel like they are being bullied by their own children, or the protective policies and procedures implemented by teachers and/or authority figures.

Session prices are based on individual needs.  Email for further details

This counseling/coaching program is designed to help foster the necessary boundaries required to develop successful parent/ child, child/teacher and parent/teacher relationships that will produce and kindle positive minded emotional interactions.

Speaking Engagements/Group Coaching/Counseling

Kesha Jackson- "The bullying coach" thoroughly enjoys discussing how important it is for a child to know their sense of worth. It is her personal goal that each child that she counsels or coaches through this golden opportunity will not feel the emotional effects of low self -esteem encountered in her childhood, as a result of bullying. When children perceive a higher level and awareness of self– confidence it helps to reduce the decline in school attendance, which leads poor grades, suicidal or other violent behaviors and damaging effects that are caused by bullying.  

Leave me a message today to further discuss BOOKING ME for your next engagement.

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Remember to select your method of communication. To better assist future clients we graciously ask for your participation in baseline and end of programs assessments. However participation is not a requirement to obtain TBC services.  

A Bowl Full of Self-Esteem

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