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The children of today's society canbenefit from an organization such as All Eyez On Me. AEOMoffers an outlet for confusing and unsettling emotionschildren deal with on a daily basis. Being accepted is acritical aspect for healthy development. So many timesincidents that we have encountered early in life carry overinto our adult world. On the surface they may seem unrelatedwhen in fact they are directly connected. AEOM provides theresources to identify and address those issues. It is a longoverdue blessing to our future generation. Recognizing theissue is the first step needed to make the necessarychanges.


The founder, Kesha Jackson, can relate personally to beingbullied. She has seen how without a proper strategy that thelong term effect can be sometimes impossible to reverse. Ms.Jackson provides a confidential unique approach to hersessions. She creates an atmosphere in which you can beginto tear down the barriers others place upon you. She has aninviting spirit and a calmness to her that contributes tothe success of her sessions.  The work she plans to dowill benefit so many. Not just children but adults who workwith children, parents, as well as bystanders.


I am excited knowing the good a program like this can have in this area.


Tonya M.Dixon


I was having a lot of trouble dealing with my children's mental and emotional issues. I went to various places and people for help with no positive results. Finally, I came into a blessing and her name was Kesha Jackson.My oldest son was diagnosed with bipolar and at this point we didn't understand it at all. As you know trying to deal with things that you don' t understand are very difficult and trying. My second son was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder. One more thing to figure out how to deal with which was very frustrating . He was impossible to control, understand and handle.

The time we live in tends to be hard for kids of all ages for various reasons; bullying being one of them. Bullying is a very real problem many kids face today and quite frankly they are not equipped to handle the situation.  I believe it is necessary for kids to have resources available to them so that they are able to obtain the necessary coping skills.  I believe Kesha Jackson possesses the resources needed to help these kids; all kids.  Her education, training and experience coupled with her love, compassion and sympathy towards others allows her to be effective in the lives that she touches daily.  


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