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Kesha Jackson, The Bullying Coach

who we are

One fall morning in 2013, while I was traveling through the streets of Pittsburgh I watched from afar as a group of well-dressed children on their way to school made fun of a less fortunate child who was poorly dressed.  I could see the distress of ridicule all over the child's face and my heart melted as every memory of my childhood bullying resurfaced in my mind. In that moment All Eyez on Me, LLC was born.  I knew in my heart that as a direct result of the bullying that I endured as a child, I would be the light needed to provide services to children and others that concentrates on the emotional needs of the child and not just the act of bullying.


Life Coaching is the new "it" thing for adults. It's a service that helps get and keep lives in order by letting the client develop their own inner hidden strengths. This same technique can be applied to children to prepare them for their life in the future. Each child has something GREAT inside of them even if they don't know that they have it. Known as "The bullying coach" I am dedicated to helping your child find those hidden strengths that will assist them in navigating through a difficult time in their life, such as bullying. In any bullying scenario there is fear and anger. With each of my self-esteem driven coaching sessions, your child will develop their own inner strength to equip them in handling anger and fear in a more positive manner. When you believe in yourself you are ready to face the world and the challenges that it may present. It would only be a benefit to society to start this process of having a positive mindset at the earliest age possible.


I watch as children get younger and younger, who are able to understand computers and navigate the internet and other new technology. With this in mind, I thought, that this would be a GREAT way to engage a child who is being bullied or who is bullying. As a result of that thought, this website is designed to be a resource center for children, parents and others in promoting positive mindset development. Come and explore the services available because under the surface of bullying lies a child in need of nurturing. With the avatar chat even the shyest child has a way to discuss their emotional status without fear because the child is able to become the character that they design. The creation of music and art is a positive outlet for reducing anger. The selection of games helps the child to develop mental skill and deductive reasoning.  

412-689-2479   Mon-Fri  8am - 6pm


412-726-4486   Mon-Fri  8am - 6pm

about kesha

Born in the urban Bronx borough of New York City, Kesha Jackson was bullied and teased as a child by her peers because of her lack of popular clothing; the Muslim artifacts that her parents made her wear to school; having to explain to others why she did not celebrate holidays after Christmas break; the mispronunciation of her name as well as her early body development during puberty. I remember my Aunt Kesha as always being kindhearted to others. Grandmother says that she was quite inquisitive and did not understand why others were so mean to her. As a child, despite the compliments that others provided to her, Kesha did not see the beauty that she possessed both inside and outside. There were many nights that she told me that she cried herself to sleep because she was too ashamed and afraid to tell her mother that the money that she had given to her, which was hard to get in that era, was taken from her by a school bully. Kesha would make up tales of stomach aches just to keep from having to go to school to face the bullies or be ridiculed.

Kesha has now grown into a well- grounded adult, but for her, developing and maintaining a high sense of self remains a continuous life process. Through the use of loans and government assistance she made her way through college and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling as well as Certification in Life Coaching with a niche in Youth and Family Support and Relationship Coaching from WCI. She is the mother of not just her own children, but those in the community needing her love and guidance. There is always an extra child at her home. 


Since 2000, Kesha has counseled a multitude of youth and families in the Pittsburgh area as a Therapeutic Support Staff, Mobile Therapist and Behavior Specialist Consultant. Since 2001, she has maintained employment with the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas as a Domestic Relations Officer, where she uses her counseling skills to conduct conferences on family matters including separation/divorce and financial family support obligations. She is currently a Therapeutic Host Home parent who provides a safe and nurturing environment for behaviorally challenged youth in the Pennsylvania foster care system. She is phenomenal at teaching children including her own son how to have patience with not only himself, but others and how to walk away when he is angered until he is able to get his emotions under control. She has a natural talent for calming children down and making them smile and want to excel in their lives. More recently, Kesha gave birth to her baby/company, All Eyez On Me, LLC which is designed to assist children and youth in developing a positive self-image as well as teaching them tolerance so that they can understand how to coexist in a world with others who may not look like them or share the same cultural background as their own.


With Love for my Auntie/Mom


Always, Tierra


who we serve

As the owner of All Eyez on Me, LLC, I am delighted to use my educational background to help others  who have a desire to help their children become emotionally prepared to enter society with a high sense of self.  Here is my question to you as parents, educators and other guardians. What is the value of spending thousands of dollars to entertain your child electronically versus spending a few dollars to prepare for their emotional well- being and development?  Whether you choose to use my services via online chat, Skype, email or in person, I believe that this is the greatest gift you could give to your child. If the answer is YES to increasing the emotional well-being of your child, contact me today.


My personal Motto: Erase Bullying, Not Me!

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